Serving NOSPs in connection with Gas Safety Inspections for Housing Associations and Landlords.

I know from experience that many of you have not got the time to keep chasing tenants to arrange their yearly gas safety inspection. A legal requirement but nevertheless very difficult to arrange in some cases.

We can serve any documents for you but it is usually NOSPs (Notice Seeking Possession) we handle the most. You can send them to us for service/delivery or email a spreadsheet and we will print them off onto your headed paper. In some cases we liaise with the engineers website via a password to obtain the latest information.

By speaking to your tenants on the doorstep or if unable by ringing them, we can then liaise with the engineers and arrange for the tenant. Please be assured your tenants will be treated with the utmost courtesy and diplomacy, recognising that some could be vulnerable.

A lot of tenants are busy, work long hours and in some cases have waited in for the engineers and they haven't turned up. We try to get round any problems and get the visits arranged and adhered to.

Process serving of N39s and in fact any documents could be served for housing associations.

I regularly cover the following counties serving NOSPs: Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and London and I would use fully qualified agents around the rest of the country. 

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