Tracing Agent

Tracing For Business Clients

I can trace debtors and then serve them with your legal documents. Bulk tracing can be carried out or single debtors, they will all be carried out with the same attention to detail.

Finding gone aways are an important part of our services and through contacts can find people abroad as well. Also the deceased register can be checked.

Databases are used, discreet telephone enquiries and good old fashioned legwork.

We can provide insolvency and CCJ details. 

Companies House information can also be supplied, details of directorships, any share holdings in Footsie 350, business credit checks and also Land Registry details. These can be obtained with property descriptions, council tax band, demographic profile, sale date and price, any share holdings in Footsie 350, with details of other occupants.

All tracing is carried out in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

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